Master thief

Ardent cynic

Global saviour?

The Faith Trilogy

When a thief discovers a supernatural plot, can he put aside his cynicism to wrest humanity from the grip of a new dark age?

If you like smart but flawed protagonists, exploring the nature of belief and religion, and plenty of action, you’ll love Nick Nielsen’s eye-opening trilogy.

Dive into The Faith Trilogy in 2024 – a gripping series that has been described as a combination between “The Matrix” and “The Da Vinci Code.”

If you enjoy the reality-shattering concepts of the Wachowskis’ films and the compelling intrigue found in Dan Brown’s religious page-turners, check out the urban fantasy thrillers, “Faith”, “Wrath”, and “Death”.

They meld the intellect of works such as Max Barry’s “Lexicon” with Neil Gaiman’s visionary concepts in books like “American Gods” and the action-packed adventures of Marcus Sakey’s “Brilliance” series.

The Faith Trilogy

Faith - Book 1 of The Faith Trilogy
Faith – Book 1

Meet Jake – gang member, master thief, and reluctant hero. Join him on an adventure beyond all others as he goes up against cosmic forces intent on plunging humanity into another dark age.

The first instalment of The Faith Trilogy is available now.

Wrath – Book 2

Jake returns, facing heightened stakes. Amid emerging foes, both old and new, he’s compelled to confront his inner and outer darkness as he goes up against ultimate evil.

Dive into Wrath, the gripping second instalment of The Faith Trilogy.

Death – Book 3

Jake’s struggle intensifies as he strives to save the world. This gripping conclusion sees his determination put to the ultimate test that will determine the fate of humanity.

Grab Death, the epic climax of The Faith Trilogy.

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